BR12-GP 2020 - From £4069.99


BUCCI MOTO is an Italian manufacture known worldwide for being the leading brand of high quality made machines in the Mini Bike racing market.


Here at Parker Racing we are the UK Import & Distributer for BUCCI MOTO.


We have 2 types of pricing which is shown in photos attached:


Italian Spec = Bikes built in the Italian factory to the engine specs shown.

UK Spec = Bikes are assembled in the Italian factory and engines are installed by us at Parker Racing as we can tailor more to the UK market demand.


Below is the general specifications for the motorcycle which may will vary depending on package chosen:



Shown in package table.

Air filter:

Sponge air filter DT1 (Italian Spec)


Electronic ignition, medium weight flywheel (may vary on spec)


Chain - DID 420 Pitch

Final Transmission:

Front sprocket - 420 Pitch steel sprocket

Rear sprocket - High quality P.B.R Italian aluminium sprocket


Spec depending but most engines have an oil filter inside clutch housing.

Oil cooler:

Aluminium oil cooler with plastic guard cover.


Multi-disc wet clutch type


Kick start only type.


3D CAD designed perimeter frame with round and oval high strength tubes with adjustable swing arm pivot - MADE IN ITALY

Foot Peg Controls:

CAD Manufactured Aluminium rear sets with adjustable frame height & adjustable tip position.

Gear Linkage:

Choice of a reverse CNC designed gear leaver making the selection race shift (all down selection) or the choice to have a linkage system fitted which is full adjustable & making the gear selection all up.

Sub Frame:

High strength - MADE IN ITALY

Swing Arm:

Made from 7020 aluminium with Bucci 3D Designed bearing roller cage type system -MADE IN ITALY

Front Suspension:

MASELLI Manufactured USD Forks

Diameter stanchions 38mm

Length 591mm

Pin dual-axis adjustment

Travel 80mm

CNC Designed fork feet for double brake disc system


Triple clamp:

CNC Manufactured aluminium with dedicated offset - MADE IN ITALY

Rear Shock:

MASELLI Manufactured with CNC body & Adjustable Length

Axle 16mm

Piston size 46mm

Travel Range 30mm - 50mm F/F

Variable wheelbase by 270mm +4 - 5mm double adjustment - MADE IN ITALY

Fuel tank:

New Bucci Designed polyethylene tank complete with CNC Aluminium vented filler fuel cap - MADE IN ITALY

Front Brake System:

Twin 200mm brake disks with twin Formula dual piston calipers and master cylinder with integrated tank and hose braid - MADE IN ITALY

Rear Brake System:

180mm disk with Formula twin piston caliper and master cylinder with integrated tank and hose braid - MADE IN ITALY

Front Wheel:

Ultra-lightweight alloy wheel 12"x 2,50" with CNC aluminium valve fitted.


Rear Wheel:

Ultra-Lightweight alloy wheel 12"x 3,00" with CNC aluminium valve fitted.


100/90-12 front & 120/80-12 rear PMT Branded Tyre with choice of S & SS Compound.

Exhaust system:

LM Exhaust exclusive Buccimoto design in stainless steel with carbon cup and variable section - MADE IN ITALY (for Daytona engine exhaust dedicated)


Diameter 22mm with CNC aluminium mounts - MADE IN ITALY


Domino Racing Quick Action 1'4 Turn Unit - MADE IN ITALY

Clutch Assembly:

Adjustable Domino Racing Unit - MADE IN ITALY


Fiberglass - MADE IN ITALY by Cruciata



Seat Height:

700mm (Adjustable)

Fuel tank:

3,3 LTR

Paddock Stand:

Rear Paddock Stand Included.